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Multi-disciplinary Integrated Care

Cheney Psychiatric Associates prides itself with the availability of a comprehensive clinical team to provide multi-disciplinary services. These services include a clinical spectrum including psychiatric evaluations, medication management, psychological assessments, individual, family, and marital counseling as well as nursing care.

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Access & Availability

Cheney Psychiatric team members view access to care to be just as important as the quality of care. The value of timely response to care is expressed in our appointment availablitiy as well as on-call service by a provider for any patient concerns after hours. Cheney Psychiatric uses text or phone services to gently remind patient of appointments. 

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Social Responsibility

Cheney Psychiatric was founded on the principle of improving the health and well-being of all who come through its doors. We pride ourselves on welcoming the opportunity to improve the quality of life for all. We consider ourselves responsible to deliver the highest quality of care to all of our patients.

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Dignity & Respect

“How would I want my family member to be cared for” is the guiding principle used by Cheney Psychiatric team members. New and established patients seen in the clinic are treated with the same respect that providers would want for their own family. This is expressed from our initial phone contact to clinical encounters thru ongoing follow-up plans.

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Allowing Time

We provide ourselves with allocating sufficient time for each clinical encounter to allow completeness of the exam and time for discussion on any relevant issue with patient or family members. The Cheney Psychiatric team takes concerted steps to address all issues the patient might bring to the appointment and to avoid the sense of a rushed encounter at all costs.

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Focus on Partnerships

Cheney Psychiatric staff consider themselves partners and collaborators with primary care and specialty providers in improving the health of our patients. Our aim is to collectively contribute in improving the quality of life for each patient using effective, timely communication with other providers to align and reinforce the treatment approach. Based on patient consent, we provide routine updates to our referring providers explaining progress, challenges and expected next steps in care.

We offer a variety of services including...

Psychiatric Evaluations


Medication Management