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 To deliver the highest quality of behavioral medicine

2019 Changes

If I have an insurance plan with a deductible, 50% of the self-pay rate is due before seen.

Self-Pay Discount Fee (Due 100% at time of visit:

 MDNurse PractitionerPsychologistTherapist
Initial Evaluation  $300$250$225$220

Follow up


Multi-disciplinary Integrate Care

Cheney Psychiatric Associates prides itself with the availability of a comprehensive clinical team to provide multi-disciplinary services. These services include a clinical spectrum including...

Dignity & Respect

“How would I want my family member to be cared for” is the guiding principle used by Cheney Psychiatric team members. New and established patients seen in the clinic...

Access & Availability

Cheney Psychiatric team members view access to care to be just as important as the quality of care. The value of timely availability to care is expressed in...

Allowing Time

We provide ourselves with allocating sufficient time for each clinical encounter to allow completeness of the exam and time for discussion on any relevant issue with patient or family members.

Social Responsibility

Cheney Psychiatric was founded on the principle of improving the health and well-being of all who come through its doors. We do not exclude patients for treatment on the basis of...

Focus on Partnerships

Cheney Psychiatric staff consider themselves partners and collaborators with primary care and specialty providers in improving the health of our patients.

On-Site Specialist Care

Cheney Psychiatric offers specialized behavioral health care to assisted living and nursing home facilities. The service aims to improve the quality of life of this fragile population.

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